This Week’s Share : Onion, Sack of Shallots, Sack of Pop-Corn, Sack of Potatoes, 2 Winter Squash, Beets or Carrots, Spicy Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Spigariello greens, 2 Brassica, and a Farmer’s Choice item.

Happy Halloween! Well we have all made it to the last week of our 2016 Harvest Shares. We think we’ve had a pretty good season despite all the ups and downs. It is always bitter sweet for us when this time comes, but we are already planning the new year and have a project filled winter to look forward to. I usually send out an email after the first of the new year, letting you know that we’re ready to start sign-up for the 2017 Harvest Share Season. We hope you are looking forward to joining us again for another season of fresh and local, organic foods from our Farm.

To end the season right, we wanted to bring you all that we have and can possibly get out to you. More ‘foods for the pantry’ this week include the usual Onion, Shallots, more Pop-Corn, more Winter Squash (pick 2!) and more of our Potatoes. We are dong a more careful inspection of the Potatoes this week to hopefully eliminate any flaws or bad spots. Some of these new fingerling varieties in the bag this week have a taste that is superb, if we don’t say so ourselves. A short note on the Pop-Corn, it still needs more drying time. When it is fully dry it comes off the cob easier. We ask that you give it until Thanksgiving, keeping it in your warm home. Once it’s dry, remove from cob, blow off the chaff (it will burn in the oil), and place kernals in a jar. To pop it, I have a designated Pop-Corn pan. I cover the bottom with oil, put on high heat, and place three kernals in oil, lid and wait. Once those pop you know your oil is hot enough to then cover the bottom with kernals. It will pop quickly and you are done! It’s fun and also tasty! I’ll bring an assortment of Winter Squash to your pick-up for your selections. We are managing to get fresh Fall Beets and Carrots dug for you this week, but alas you will have to choose your favorite. We are still finding plenty of Sweet Peppers and Spicy Peppers for your families meals as well. The greens for the week are my new favorite, Spigariello Greens. They are tender and tasty, and also quite a unique food so we hope you enjoy them again. Unfortunately, our Brussels Sprouts aren’t finished yet, so you will likely miss them in the Share this year. We may find a few ready to bring to pick-up. Despite the loss of those we hope to get out 2 Brassica for every one. Some of you will get giant Kohlrabi. We will do some final cuts on the Cauliflower, Romanesco, or possibly Cabbage for your double Brassica week. Lastly, we hope to bring everyone a lovely bonus item for the end of the season fare-thee-well. Some possibilities may include Melons, Cucumbers or ?.

Thanks so much for your Support!


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