This Weeks Share: Cucumbers, Kale, Collards, Fava Beans, Summer Squash, Onion, ‘Growers Choice’ and Boysenberries.

We have made it to Week 7 of eating in season with Love Farm Organics. We are effectively picking our way through the berry-season. Blackberries are starting to dry up and blueberries are starting to ripen. The Farm has been warm and dry with no extra moisture to be had. Wild grasses are drying, turning brown, but our strips of crops stay vibrant green.  We are half-way through July already, and I can just start to feel the daylight hours shrinking again pulling us closer to Fall.

organic spigiarillo flowering

Organic spigarello in flower

This weeks Share looks a lot like last weeks, but rather than bringing you a Brassica, we will get back to harvesting Squash for all. The Big Greens of the week will be some Kale and some tasty, tender Collard Greens. Now’s the chance to really do something big with your  Fava Beans as we have more for you. Tomatoes are bright green in the field and some still flowering rows of Green and yellow. The plum set looks pretty nice to medium, and already Potatoes need dug. Berry-Share holders will enjoy Blueberries this week! First pick looks lovely.

organic legacy blueberries

Organic Legacy blueberries
by Amy Love

We will have one mystery in the Share this week. Some may get roots, some may get Lettuce. Some may get something else entirely. The first crop of Beets is looking mighty fine. We hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer! Thank-you for your Support of our Farm!

a girl smiles in a field of organic CSA blueberries

A smile in the blueberries




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