organic CSA farm vegetables

This Weeks Share: Onion, Potatoes, Melon, Cucumber, Winter Squash, Summer Squash, Brassica, Kale, Beets, Spicy Pepper and Sweet Pepper.

A cloudy, cold, crisp morning on the Farm has made way to sunshine now and today’s forecast looks lovely! A nice warm start to the week. Enjoy your Monday. More of the same from Love Farm Organics this week hopes to eventually make it into your meals.

Girl nibbling fresh beet slice

Organic treats at Love Farm CSA are always good!

We are getting more tasty Beets out this week for your meals. Cool kids love to eat Beets! Also more Onion and Potatoes for your Fall comfort food meals and stews. The Potatoes will store fine as is, in a cool and dark place. However, if you wash them you may want to store them in your refrigerator. Also your Winter Squash will keep for months, and they don’t need a cool, dark place. They are fine out, and most have already been cured in our greenhouse for you, so they should be ready to enjoy. The best way to enjoy Winter Squash is to simply bake it. Some love it with brown sugar and butter. I enjoy dicing them up and roasting them. All of them can make delicious soups or pies. But sometimes you need to bake them for a little bit before you can cut them. They have a very hard skin. Read more about them on Cook With What You Have.

Autumn moon rise over trees at Love Farm Organics

Autumn moon over the farm
by Amy Love

The greens for the week are more hearty, healthy Kale. The Brassica will be a selection of Broccoli, Cauliflower, or Cabbages. We have more Melon for you this week, albeit the flesh will likely be crisp. Personally, I love this in a Melon. We have had some very cold mornings, and wanted to get them harvested before they all froze. The Harvest Full Moon reminds us that the seasons have changed and the growing season is just about done on our little piece of land. Hopefully this Winter we will be able to get 5 more greenhouses up, and this will help tremendously in bringing you better harvests extending our season a bit more. Speaking of that, we still do have Tomatoes coming on in one of our houses, so we are planning on a late pick for you. It is always bitter sweet saying good-bye to the Summer Tomatoes. We hope to still bring you a few.

organic CSA farm assorted peppers

More sweet, as well as spicy Peppers will be coming to you this week. Also we have a last Cucumber pick, and late season Summer Squash picks to continue adding to your Share.

organic CSA farm pole beans

Our fresh pole-Beans did poorly, but the exciting news is that we do have some fresh Beans coming! For your Share next week we plan to include a very tasty bag of fresh eating Beans called Dragon’s Tongue. They are very tender and delicious and will make a nice dish. Also yet to come will be the annual dolling out of our organic Pop-corn for your Winter enjoyment. We have begun harvesting the ears and curing them. There are some nice colors as shown in this photo.

organic CSA farm popcorn on the cob

We are cleaning up our Farm to host our Fall Harvest Gathering. We truly look forward to this Annual event. It’s fun for the whole family and we can’t wait to meet more of you, and see our Beloved Members! Thank-you for being the best part of Love Farm Organics.

Your Support is so dearly appreciated!!


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