This Weeks Share: Onion, Winter Squash, Brussels Sprouts, Kohlrabi, another Brassica, Popcorn, Beets or Carrots, Diakon or Turnips, Sweet Peppers and Kale.

Hello Friends! Sadly this is the last week of our Harvest Share’s for 2017. We hope you all have enjoyed the season with us. We have greatly appreciated your willingness to come along on our journey to feed our community. We can’t thank-you enough for your support! We will begin taking sign-ups for next season right at the first of 2018. I typically send an email when the web-site is ready for the new year. We’d love to have you back with us next season! Also, some of you still have a balance with your account and our Farm. Those notices will be coming out before the end of November. Thanks again!! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Farmers over the Winter. We love to hear how things are going, new foods you’ve tried, how Winter foods are tasting, if you’ve joined a Winter CSA, or how you miss us. 😉 We will miss all of you!

We are sending you all home with this season, and some of last seasons pop-corn. It needs to be removed from the cob prior to popping. We feel it’s completely cured, if in a warm home, by Thanksgiving. By then you can remove from cob, blow away the chaff, add to oil and enjoy! We do all winter long!

The longest growing Brassica, the Brussels Sprouts are coming to every family this week, along with Kohlrabi AND your choice of another Broccoli/Cauliflower/Romanesco for your families meals. Fall is definitely the Brassica season! The greens for the week are the cold-season-sweetened Kales. We are still managing to find Sweet Peppers for your Shares. Also we will have choices for your Roots so do get to pick-up early for your favorite selection. You will choose from Beets or Carrots. Also there’s a choice between Diakon Radish or Turnips.

Of course more Onion and Winter Squash will also be in your Shares. We hope you all have a happy and safe Holiday Season! There is definitely pick-up tomorrow on Halloween. Have a great Winter Friends and we hope to see you all on the other side of the calendar year. Peace and all the Best.

Thank-YOU Members!



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