Love Farm Organics

Established in 2006, we are a family-owned and operated, organic Community Supported Agriculture farm in the foothills of the Coast Range near Portland, Oregon.  Our CSA program allows Portland metro-area residents a connection with their food and farmer.  In addition to our CSA, we also offer bulk berry ordering in the summer. We organically grow a wide assortment of vegetables, fruits, herbs and some flowers throughout our growing season of June through October.

Love Farm Organics CSA farmer Amy with vegetables

Our farming practices always have and always will be sustainable and organic. Our love of this land and our new generation prevent us from using any harmful treatments or chemicals on the food we grow. We have two small children and work and eat with them regularly in our fields. We always aim to renew our environment. Life flourishes on the farm. We are deeply committed to sustainable, guilt-free, healthy, safe, farm-fresh and organic growing practices which are in regular use and integral to our farm. Here is the Love Farm version of Community Supported Agriculture: a significant piece of our motivation to have a CSA involves our sense of ourselves being a part of a larger community, both within the natural world and within the community where we live. We are a values-driven farm. Here is what we do to put action to these values.

Organic Agricultural Practices
Our farming practices are always organic and sustainable promoting a healthy, ecologically diverse environment. In growing for our community we feel it very important to never use harmful chemicals or treatments, herbicides or pesticides nor genetically modified seed. Within these parameters we aim to grow healthy, high quality, flavorful foods we love to eat straight from the fields. Some of our berries are in transition from the conventional farmed fields, but we have many berry plantings that have always only been 100% organic.

Community Support
Our community of shareholders enables us to farm with integrity and honest, custodianship of the land, and in return we give produce to non-profits in need and work-exchange opportunities to individuals and families otherwise unable to participate in the farm-share-CSA season.

If you are a local Non-profit business seeking food help or donations, please contact us and let us know details about your needs or program so that we can contact you.   Please give us the name of your Non-Profit, the person we should speak to there, your EIN and how we might help.

If you are an individual or family in our local metro-area seeking food help in exchange for work on the farm, please contact us and let us know details about your needs and capabilities so that we can contact you to discuss how we might help. Generally, we require that you drive or be willing to be picked-up at the bus stop in Forest Grove, and that you are able to work to a fair degree while here on the farm in trade for your food.

Genetic Diversity
Protecting biodiversity in farms begins with open pollinated, non-GMO, natural and heirloom seeds. Our seed selections routinely favor unique and interesting varieties, which we grow in addition to our favorite established performers.

A wall of the barn at Love Farm Organics CSA

History of Love Farm

The Love Family has been farming in the Willamette Valley since 1905. For over 100 years, Loves have been dedicated to produce and fresh berries with consistent quality, availability and fair market prices.

Love Farm Organics is approximately 15 acres of the original homestead. Our farming practices support an ecologically diverse environment. We grow in accordance with organic and sustainable principles and the belief that regional agriculture is a critical component of a healthy, sustainable community. Our produce flourishes in fields which had been pastured for 20 years.

Farmer on his tractor at Love Farm Organics CSA

Contact Love Farm

You can email us at

Telephone us at (503) 515-9939, or (971) 219-6706

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Arrange a visit to the farm. We are just northwest of Forest Grove, approximately 28 miles west of Portland in the foothills of the coast range. Contact us for a visit and find map and directions below.

Map and Directions

The farm is just northwest of Forest Grove,  off Highway 47, between Forest Grove and Banks. Contact us for a visit!

Click the map below to get directions:

Love Farm Organics LLC
46125 NW Hillside Road
Forest Grove, OR 97116