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Rx CSA-Farm-Share


  • The CSA season will run June 4 – November 3, 2018 : 22 weeks
  • Pick-up will be Wednesday’s from 3:30-6pm  in the NUNM Healing Garden Gazebo next to NUNM Health Center: Lair Hill
  • Share option the Love Farm Organics Rx Standard Farm Share. (Berry-share and Salad-share are add-on options only)
  • Pricing: $575.00 for Rx Standard Share. (+$85.00 for Berry-share add-on; +$125.00 for Salad-share add-on. The add-ons will be paid for at sign-up.)

Payment Options:

  1. Pay in Full now
  2. Pay $250.00 now and pay the balance in 30 days
  3. Pay in 3 payments of $200.00 each. As follows: 1st due at sign-up, 2nd due June 1st, 3rd due August 1st.  This would just be for the Standard Share. If you choose the 3 payment option AND one or both the add-on share’s, the add-on share’s are paid at sign-up.
  4. Pay with SNAP, go to our SNAP page to sign up for this option.

Other Information:

  • Love Farm Organics will provide a ‘Market-Style’ pick-up. Members will bring their own bag/box/basket to collect their own share. A sign board will notify Members of the items each week and someone will always be available for assistance.
  • Please do not expect a bag/box/basket to be available for you should you forget your own.
  • Rx CSA Shares will not be stored for Members after pick-up time.
  • Leftover Shares become the property of NUNM


If you are already a member and just need to make a payment on your share, click here:

How to sign up for your share

To sign up with a credit card, use the PayPal buttons to choose your share and pickup location, below.  We MUST have your name, address and telephone number and the email address you want to use for your share in order to contact you and keep track of your share – there is a field for this provided during PayPal payment, please provide this information.

Sign up and pay by check

To sign up for the 2017 CSA season and pay by check, print and fill out our sign-up form here, and mail it to us with your check.

Sign up and pay by credit card or PayPal


NUNM Rx Share $575.00USD


Price Options
I Am


Salad Share $125.00USD

This is an add-on share to add to the Double or Standard shares above: a half to one and a half pounds of mixed, gourmet, micro-greens (mostly lettuce) every week. This share ensures you a weekly salad on the weeks the regular vegetable shares don’t have lettuce.


Berry Share $85.00USD

This is also an add-on share to add to the Standard or Double shares above: 2 pints of various seasonal berries for 10 weeks of our local berry season. This share ensures you extra weekly berries, 2 pints for 10 weeks, in addition to whatever berries are in the regular vegetable shares.

Purchase Options


SNAP program logo and navigation We are proud to accept SNAP – the supplemental nutrition assistance program for low-income families! To sign up with SNAP, go to our SNAP page and follow directions to use the SNAP sign-up form. We will get back to you with any further instructions. Call us for details at (503) 515-9939. Find out more on our SNAP page.

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