What is a CSA farm?

A Community Supported Agriculture farm is an alternative food network in which members together purchase the farm’s harvest, splitting the cost and the volume of the harvest into “shares”. Our CSA provides members with nutrient-rich, seasonal, organically grown farm-fresh fruits and vegetables since 2006. Our season runs early June through October- 22-23 weeks. We provide a “market”-style pick-up for members at several locations each week. A sign board will inform you of the bounty to fill your own bag, box or basket with, and someone will always be available to answer your questions. For pick-up locations and prices please see our Join page. Join us for the season by the ways listed on that page.  Amy Love will personally Welcome you with a letter in a day or two. Thank-you!

Organic CSA farm vegetables: corn, squash, peppers, blueberries, beans, beets,lettuce, broccoli

For our collective of recipes and food specific useful information please visit our Vegetable~Food Archive. For current farm news please see our Farm Newsletter Blog. From the Newsletter Directory page you can scroll back to 2008 when we first started keeping entries about Farm happenings and harvests. Happy Reading.

The Share Quantity    

Our Double-Share is enough for a 5-6 person household which enjoy most meals at home and like to cook a full assortment of vegetables, with some preservation or freezing.
Our Standard-Share is basically half the amount of the double-share and suited for 2-3 people, or most average family households, depending on your cooking and vegetable eating preferences. We also offer two add-on shares which compliment our vegetable shares nicely:
Our Love-Lettuce-Share is .5-1.5 lbs of mixed, gourmet, micro-greens (mostly lettuce) every week. This share ensures you a weekly salad on the weeks the regular share’s don’t have lettuce.
Our Love-Berry-Share is 2 pints of various seasonal berries weekly for 10 weeks of our local berry season. This is always equivalent to 20 Pints of Berries. This share ensures you extra berries beyond what is in the regular Share.                               girl with Organic CSA farm vegetables

Each season varies the share items. Below are some general examples of our Double-Share in Spring, Summer and Fall representing the variety of fruits and vegetables that you can expect from us during the entire CSA season. The year starts out light in Spring but gains weight and items in the Summer and Fall.

2 lbs sweet peas
2 heads lettuce
1/2 lb spinach
2 bunch radish
2 bunch onions
1 bunch chard
1 bunch arugula
2 pint strawberries
2 lbs green beans
3-4 lbs tomatoes
4 eggplant
4 summer squash
1 pint of black berries
1 bag braising greens
1 bunch turnips
1 kholrabi
2 cucumber
6-8 ears sweet corn
2 bunch of beets
4-6 lbs tomatoes
3-6 lbs potatoes
2 bunch of chard
4-8 peppers
1 pint of blue berries
1 bunch carrots
1 broccoli
2 melon
2 winter squash
2 heads lettuce
2 onion

Our CSA Terms and Policies: In turn for your purchased share with our farm, we commit to growing your food for the shareholder season. It is Love Farm Organics responsibility to purchase seed, plant, tend to and harvest all the foods for months before you the Member ever pick-up your Share. During the season we work very hard to deliver you the best-tasting, freshest foods possible. In return, we expect a few things from you.

CSA Member Responsibilities: We operate a delivery system where you, the Member pick up your share weekly from the farm, or your preferred pick-up location chosen at sign-up. Each Member will thoughtfully adhere to the following guidelines*.

*To receive the freshest foods possible it is important that you pick up your Share on your selected day and time, or send someone in your stead, otherwise it will be considered unclaimed and will be donated.

*If you have a need to pick up your share outside of the selected day and time, you can contact LFO via email, (5-7) days prior to your regular pick up time to request a different pick up. You must receive email confirmation from LFO or speak to Amy on the phone, in order to pick up your Share elsewhere. LFO will assume your change is only for that week unless you confirm that you have moved your pick-up location for longer, up to the duration of the season.

*Pick-up Hosts are there to help you! Use them. It is LFO preference that if you are running late or stuck in traffic, you contact your Host (or Amy & she will contact your Host) to ask that they make a bag for you to get when you can. Otherwise any unclaimed Share will be donated. It is more difficult for us to move Share’s around donating more than necessary, than it is for us to work with your Host to help you. If you contact me later after your pick-up has ended, please understand that you missed it for the week and your Share has been donated to someone in need.

Vacation-leave Hold Policy:

*We know that Summer is vacation time for most, so we allow each Member (2) Vacation Day Holds. Providing (5-7) days email notice to LFO, Members may put their Share on hold and request a Double-Share on any other week except the last week of the season. At the time you request the hold, please confirm you will take your Double-Share the following week. Your pick-up Host will be aware of your make-up Double-Share and help you accordingly. This policy is 1 Double-Share for 1 week missed, up to 2 maximum per season per Member, providing email confirmation.

*Please understand that each season also carries the risk that a given crop may fail due to circumstance beyond our control. As your farmers we grow a wide diversity of crops to the best of our ability aiming for a bounty to always fill your share. Often we offer weekly choices at pick-up. The earlier you can get to your pick-up the better in regard to choices.

Thank-you for your support!